the view from above

Although the principles of photography remain the same when airborne, there's the additional challenge of finding the right shot from a new perspective.

why use a drone?

1. Reduce Data Acquisition Costs - The cost of using manned aircraft to acquire aerial data can easily run into the $1,000s. Part of that cost is simply flying the aircraft to the project. However, by applying UAV technology to the same project, the cost is reduced to the $100s. And the UAV can be carried to the project.

2. Eliminate/Reduce Risk - Climbing on structures for inspection purposes can involve extreme risk. The same applies to flying manned aircraft close to structures and the ground. A UAV can do the same inspection with a much greater degree of safety, from the ground.

3. Provide a Closer Look - Due to its size and ability to fly slow (even hover), a UAV can put its camera a few feet from the subject for detailed images/video.

4. The View From Above - There's something about the added impact of your event or project shot from above; whether it's a wedding, concert, or property for sale.

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