• 10+ Years Photography Experience
• Professional Equipment
         - Full Frame Camera
         - 4K Video
• Remote Pilot Certificate (Drone License)
• Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
• Professional Pilot Experience


To provide clients with the honesty and integrity rarely found in the business world today. To consistently use this approach with the belief that it will improve and promote Digital Lingo and its reputation through client satisfaction, repeat business and referrals.

person behind the camera

Flying has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I was fortunate to have spent part of my life as a major airline pilot. But when the career prematurely ended, I decided to pursue interests I'd put aside for flying. One of those interests is photography. In early 2004, a good friend and fellow pilot allowed me to borrow his new Sony F-707. I spent quiet weeknights photographing downtown PHX. Having absolutely no experience editing photographs, my growing collection sat until a time when I began taking formal classes in photography and Photoshop. As a result, my photographs came to life. And now, with the availability of UAVs (drones), I've discovered the perfect outlet for the flying I miss, photography… and my meticulous, detail-oriented personality. :)



Computers and peripherals are recycled through a local company that provides IT equipment to schools in the community. We also recycle our inkjet cartridges and paper.

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